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We are familiar with and understand the IT requirements for all the major DPMS (dental practice management systems) in the UK. Whilst we do not support the software operationally, we are familiar enough with these systems to identify the overlapping areas of responsibility between software and hardware/IT. 


What matters to you is that you are not bounced between the hardware and software support, with 1 blaming the other. 

Conference calls 

Our helpdesk staff will often setup a conference call between you, your software support, and us, to help get to the bottom of an issue. 

Some issues are generally hardware, and the responsibility of your hardware support. Others are almost certainly the software provider. But some issues could be with either party, and we take ownership of these until we can prove one way or another whether the issue is hardware or software. 

Dental conference calls
 Dental DPNS integration and support

DPMS integration and support

We have customers with, and are familiar with, the following DPMS systems:

Dental DPMS providers
DPMS dental providers

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Dental IT offer a free of charge, no commitment, remote audit to any dental practice. To contact us about this, or get a quote for support, or for any other enquiry, please complete this form and we will contact you back. 

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