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Our engineers have experience with, and knowledge of, the following DI (digital imaging) hardware and software systems: 

  • Romexis 

  • iDixel 

  • Vatech 

  • Soredex products such as Digora 

  • Scanora 

  • Duerr products, such as Vistascan 

  • Gendex 

  • Carestream 

  • Sirona/Sidexis 

  • Sopro 

  • Florida Probe 

  • Vixwin 

  • DBSwin 

  • Schick CDR 

  • Examine Pro 

  • Kodak Imaging (previously Trophy) 

  • Dental Eye 

  • PSPix 

  • Easydent 

  • OnDemand3D

  • Apixia 


We can often successfully migrate and reinstall software and databases from many of the above suppliers (with the exception of Schick and iDixel software) 


In addition, we are factory trained in many of the above hardware and software systems, and can often give a first line diagnosis of hardware issues as well, including the most common phosphor plate and intra oral digital xray systems, as well as OPG and CBCT machines. 

Digital imaging dental support

DI integration

and support 

Dental imaging supplier
Dental imaging supplier

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