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None of our dental practice networks have ever been infected by ransomware or viruses that have destroyed server data where customers have taken our security advice. Security is a lot more than just an anti-virus, and a number of factors have to be taken into account to create an overall security strategy. 

Server and

workstation maintenance 

It is probably more important that your server and workstations are up to date, than that they have an anti-virus program. Ensuring that your networks are kept up to date is absolutely vital, and we monitor your systems closely to ensure they do not fall behind. 

Dental practice IT server and workstation check

Email hosting and management 

Email represents the single biggest attack vector to your dental practice. Our internal studies suggest that over 90 percent of real world threats arrive through email. It is imperative that you operate the most secure email systems, properly configured to minimise threats. 

Dental practice email hosting and management

Staff education

and support 

User behaviour is behind most successful attacks on IT networks. Many attackers rely on human error, including opening attachments and clicking on links in emails that bring malware onto the network. Fake and phishing emails attempt to manipulate staff. Educating your staff and keeping them vigilant will help to keep your network safe. 

Dental practice staff training
Dental practice IT secuirty


Robust backup systems 

An essential part of your overall security strategy must be reliable and comprehensive backup systems. Should the worst occur, you need to know your backups are isolated and your data can be restored.

Dental practice IT backups

Internet perimeter control, usage monitoring and control 

A domestic grade router is some protection for your network, but will not give you the level of protection that a commercial grade firewall will offer. As well as being able to spot and block attacks, a commercial firewall can be configured to limit or monitor staff Internet usage, and block or reduce the access to suspect websites or websites that do not meet your company policies. 

Dental practice internet control

Password and

other policies 

With a properly configured client/server network we can configure password and other policies to reduce the vulnerability of your network. We can ensure that users do not have administrator access to their computers, or that they can only run certain applications.  

Dental practice password policy

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