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Every hour of every day your business is generating data - often lots of it. Every keystroke and data entry, and image scanned and note made generates data. That data is at the core of everything we do; our job is to ensure that your business has fast and reliable access to that data, and that the data is stored securely and safely.  


To give the best possible solution we recommend a combination of cloud and local backups, this offers the best combination of safety and recoverability. 

Local backup 

Using image based backup on the local LAN allows for full backup of the entire server. This means that the entire server can be restored in the event of disaster, including all databases, applications and configuration. Local backup is the fastest and most thorough method of restoration.  

Dental practice local backup

Cloud backup

Cloud backup is not normally a full image backup (due to bandwidth and cost), but is the last line of defence for issues such as flood fire and theft which damage the local backup. It is also possible that the local backup could be attacked or infected if the network was compromised. Cloud backup is your offsite backup. 

Dental practice cloud back up
Dental practice back up support

Local and cloud backup

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