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We have extensive experience migrating to and managing Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365). We can integrate Microsoft 365 to your network to enable SSO (single sign on) to your cloud services from your PCs and mobile devices. We support the full range of Microsoft 365 products, including email, Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and the Office applications.


Most of our customers operate their email through Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365). 


As email represents the single biggest actor "vector" against your network, it is vitally important that your email system is on the best possible platform, which can protect against viruses, malware and other threats such as ransomware. Microsoft 365 is highly secure, and can be further boosted with the addition of ATP (advanced threat protection) which specifically targets links in emails and attachments, both common sources of infection. 


Further, Microsoft 365 integrates exceptionally well with your current Windows network, allowing SSO (single sign on) and the same credentials for your local network that work with your email system. 


But Microsoft 365 is these days, way more than email. 

Dental practice email support


For sites that fully adopt Microsoft Teams, this can revolutionise internal communications and collaborative working. Teams offers chat, audio and video messaging, as well as integration with Office applications such as Word and Excel to allow teams to view, comment on and work on documents together.  

Dental practice teams support


Yammer is the "facebook" of your business; it looks and feels like a social media platform and is great for internal announcements and  praise and policies and events. As with Teams, this has a mobile app version and is generally popular with users. 

Dental practice Yammer
Microsft 365 dental support

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office apps 

Microsoft offers "online" and "desktop" versions of its mainstream applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc, on a subscription model. You can still purchase Microsoft Office 2019 "retail" version as a one-off purchase, but most businesses these days are moving to the subscription model, which ensures ongoing access to the latest version. 

Dental practice microsoft office apps


If your business would benefit from an "Intranet" where you could host shared calendars, contact lists, documents and links, then Sharepoint could be a great solution. This internal website is easy to create and administer - you do not need website design skills. 

Dental practice sharepoint


Onedrive allows file sharing and storage from any location - the local network, when mobile, and when working from home. It is very secure, very fast, and integrates with your regular Microsoft credentials you use for your network and emails. 

Dental practice OneDrive

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