We offer 8 am to 6 pm helpdesk support, Saturday and out of hours emergency cover. We support everything from failed PCs and servers, to printing and scanning, your Internet connection and your network. We also offer support via our unique chat based ticket system Flare. 

Everything you need your support to be, and more

Our staff understand the particular challenges for dental practices, and have experience with all the major Dental PMSs (practice management systems) including SOE Exact, Dentally, Dental Plus, SfD, Carestream R4, Pearl and Orthotrac. They understand how your Digital Imaging systems operate and integrate with your IT, and have knowledge of software systems such as Vixwin, Sidexis, DBSwin, Schick CDR, Examine Pro, Carestream Imaging, Scanora, Dental Eye and others. Our staff can even help initial troubleshooting of many Digital Imaging hardware systems, to determine if the problem is a IT or hardware one. 

Dental practice IT support

There for you whenever you need

Our helpdesk staff are committed to listening to your problems and acting on them, promptly and efficiently. We can gain secure access to all your computers to resolve most issues on the same day. Where an issue requires an onsite visit, the helpdesk will arrange for a field engineer to attend. 

Dental practice installs

We take pride in what we do

No passing the buck! Our customers want to know that they won't be fobbed off to their software support or digital imaging support if the problem is an IT issue. Our engineers are highly experienced with all major software and digital imaging systems. If the problem is an IT one, they will fix it. If the problem is between the IT and the third party, our engineers will work with the third party support to resolve the issue between them. 

Dental practice quality IT support

Meet the helpdesk team

Shaun Dental IT


Helpdesk manager

Rob Dental IT


Helpdesk support

Aaron Dental IT


Senior field engineer

David Dental IT


Lead technical engineer

Damien Dental IT


Trainee helpdesk support

Harrison Dental IT


Trainee helpdesk support


IT Support Engineer


IT Support Engineer


IT Support Engineer

Juliana Navajas

Office Manager

Dental practice IT helpdesk support



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Dental IT offer a free of charge, no commitment, remote audit to any dental practice. To contact us about this, or get a quote for support, or for any other enquiry, please complete this form and we will contact you back. 

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