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We were one of the first IT companies in the UK to get a practice through Cyber Essentials certification, and continue to successfully pass CE and CE+ certifications for sites across the UK. This not only reassures the practice about the integrity and safety of their IT, but allows them to demonstrate their IT standards to other organisations, for example for Orthodontic contracts.

External network vulnerability

Your network is tested from the outside, to check that the firewall or router is not allowing traffic into your network that it shouldn't be. This is also called "penetration testing".  

Dental practice external network

Internal network vulnerability 

This tests that your computers are not vulnerable to attack from other devices on the network. This scenario could come into play if one of the machines was compromised, by a hacker or by a virus or ransomware program, for example.  

Dental practice internal network

Patch management 

It is vital that all operating systems and software are kept up to date. It is probably more important that your systems are patched than it is to have antivirus software. Malware and viruses are often designed to exploit vulnerabilities in software that cannot be exploited if the software is up to date. 

Dental practice patch management
Dental practice cyber essentails

Cyber Essentials

Software restriction policies 

This checks that configuration is in place that restricts software from being run that should not be run on the network. This is one of the single best ways of preventing compromise on your network. 

Dental practice software restriction

Access Control 

This area covers the setup and management of users on the network, their credentials and permissions to access PCs, devices, services and data across the network. 

Dental practice access control

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