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Cabling is the very foundation of a high performing and reliable network. Get this wrong, and your network quality can be compromised for years. Network faults are also hard to diagnose, can give intermittent faults, and could even cause lost x-rays and other data loss. Our recommendation is always to use a competent and experienced cabling specialist and not to use a builder or electrical contractor who does not specialise in data cabling.  


A good cabling infrastructure should have the following specifications: 

CAT5e or CAT6

structured cabling 

A comms or server cabinet to house patch panels and key IT kit including switches and routers etc "Flood wired" faceplates to allow every possible network connected device to have ITS OWN network connection, including PCs, WAPs, PDQ machines, printers and scanners, server and firewall. The cabling should be hidden but not tightly bent, run near power cables, crimped tightly or stapled. Low smoke cabling should be used to minimise smoke in the event of fire. Points should be tested end to end with FLUKE test kit once fitted. 

All faceplates should be labelled and correspond to numbered points at the switch end of the network. 

CAT5e or CAT6 structured cabling 

CAT6 cable supports at least gigabit connections

A comms cabinet is usually wall mounted, usually at high level, and contains your patch panel, switches, and usually other comms equipment including firewall and router at least. 


A server cabinet contains everything in the comms cabinet, but is also large enough to also house the server or servers, UPS if you one, and other IT equipment for the core network. 

Dental practice cabling
Dental IT calbing

Cabling and infrastructure


These should ideally be ceiling or high level mounted, an distributed throughout the site to ensure good coverage everywhere. 

Dental practice WAPs


We install, configure and support CCTV systems from AXIS. These network based cameras are some of the most modern and high performing available.  

Dental practice CCTV


Our cabling contractor would also be responsible for fitting wall or desk mounts for AIO (all in one) PCs, monitors and second monitors, wall mounted TVs etc. We usually supply mounts from Ergotron, which are business quality. 

Dental practice screen mounts

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