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Meet the team: Aaron Denton

What is your name?


Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Aaron, I’ve been at DentalIT for around 4 years and have in that time moved from network engineer to senior engineer: Sever, AD and projects specialist.

What's your day-to-day like at Dental IT?

This is quite tough to answer as it can range from a day in the office on the helpdesk, to a day/evening doing full server installations/migrations.

What makes working in the dental industry rewarding?

We have some amazing clients to work with including working with some very highly regarded figures in the dental community and working with these types of clients can be rewarding.

What makes working in the dental industry challenging?

Personally I would say the variety of different bespoke software and hardware we have to support (particularly X-ray hardware/software).

What has been the highlight during your time at Dental IT?

Personally I enjoyed a job we completed in Dublin as we turned the trip into a team building event with a large number of us attending for a great weekend.

What’s the best thing about working at Dental IT?

Definitely the team we have and the family feeling of the business.

How has COVID-19 affected your work?

Less onsite work as we are obviously only doing this where absolutely necessary at the moment. Also more working from home.

Who is your favourite customer and why?

Hard to pick just one to be honest as we have some amazing clients from both a personnel perspective and also some of the buildings/architecture is amazing.

What has been the hardest thing to learn in your role?

Personally I would say X-ray hardware due to the limited learning resources available around these.

What do you like about working in Sheffield and Hathersage?

Sheffield is closer for my commute and has close motorway links, Hathersage is a beautiful place to work both the building itself and the surrounding area.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Pub games (darts, snooker, pool), pc gaming and spending time with my daughter.

What's the most exciting technology you work with?

Virtualisation purely down to the benefits it gives.

What's the funniest query/problem you have had on the helpdesk?

I think I’ve advised customers on everything from work related queries to setting up their mobile phones or their home audio video setup.

What's the hardest problem you have had to work on?

Recovering data from a server which overheated before the data could copy off of it or a multi site AD which had multiple replication errors at multiple sites are two that spring to mind.

What's the longest night you have ever worked and why?

A server migration where we worked until 5:30am and had to be back onsite for 7:30am (we being me and a colleague who I’m sure also remembers this particular install).

And finally, tell us something about you that we might not know?

I used to hold the record for most games undefeated in the Rotherham pool league (not sure if it’s been beaten as I don’t play in the league anymore).

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