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About Ollie

and Darsh

Ollie and Darsh is a extremely successful practice, they remain at the forefront of a more recent wave of private, well-marketed, patient friendly, welcoming and modern clinics.

About Ollie and Darsh

IT Requirements

Dental IT installed the original network, server and workstations when the practice initially opened. Since then, we have worked in partnership with the practice to handle their expansion onto another floor, and a generational upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 on workstations, following an upgrade from Server 2003 to Server 2008.

The results

Email servers continuously operating during evenings and weekends.

Installed up to date phone system.

Second monitor added to each surgery.

Large TV installed to patient waiting room.

Integrated Solutions

Continuing to maintain the needs of the practice throughout the years, we are now also responsible for their phone system and IP surveillance cameras. Having upgraded to multiple broadband lines to handle their data connection, we have also provided extensive upgrades to their IP voice connections and patient WIFI facility.

As the practice extensively uses digital x-ray, intra oral cameras and has a Cerec machine on the network, Dental IT added a second monitor to each surgery and TV screens in the waiting room and reception area to enable patient education and marketing. A large iMac is used for patient consultation, to which a large TV screen is attached to provide a second monitor for patient viewing.

Dental practice IT integrated solutions
Ollie and Darsh dental case study

Ollie and Darsh

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