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A long-established and highly trusted practice, Dove Dental Care has been computerised for many years and was an early adopter of Software of Excellence EXact. Serving NHS and private patients, the large, six-surgery practice began to display symptoms of poor and inconsistent IT, failing backups, unreliable systems and performance, no security and an unmaintained workstation platform.

About Dove Dental Care

IT Requirements

Lacking power and resilience, and with no greater data protection capability than any other machine on the network, the server was in desperate need of upgrading. All systems were incredibly dated and no longer served their original purpose.

The results

Result 1

A complete rework of technologies has provided the practice with improved everyday systems and networks that make patient interaction easier and much more efficient. 

Result 2

They now have effective use of remote working and email capabilities, so practice managers are able to access everything they need from home.

Result 3

The IT communications match their expert service and facilities.

Result 4

Internal communications have been hugely improved, and they can now offer their patients new levels of security during their visit.

Integrated Solutions

We began with an entirely new infrastructure, replacing much of the existing equipment altogether and introducing new and exciting technologies such as IP telephony, surveillance and an industrial grade server solution. A complete rewire of the network was carried out with over 50 points installed to handle proposed converged technologies. 

A new telephone system allowed for much cheaper outbound calls, unlimited lines and utilised advanced features such as call queuing, logging, recording and full auto attendant to handle incoming calls, system based voicemail and music on hold. The calling process for patients was much easier and they could now connect with the practice and resolve problems much quicker than before. 

IP surveillance cameras now reside in strategic areas such as the front door, reception, waiting area and corridors for new levels of security. The system records constantly during working hours and images are easily accessible by the practice management. Outside of the practice’s working hours, motion detectors initiate recording when movement occurs.

Dove Dental intergrated solution
Dove dental care

Dove Dental Centre

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