Dental IT were one of the first IT support companies in the dental market to integrate broadband as standard. Whilst others were still using PCAnywhere and dial up modems we were integrating fast broadband to our customers’ networks. 


Now, there are a number of broadband options available, and not all of these are available in all areas. So you need the most knowledgeable advice to know what is available to you, the costs and the benefits of each technology. 


Also just called “fibre” (although confusingly, it actually isn’t), this is “fibre to the cabinet” and is the mainstream product available at most sites. Costing around £40 a month for a typical business setup, this offers speed of up to 80mbps down and 20mbps up. 


The first of the broadband generation, ADSL “1” offers up to 8mbps, and is now considered too slow for most uses. If your provider has left you on these speeds, find another provider! 

ADSL 2+ 

The second generation of ADSL, this offers speeds up to 24mbps down, and up to 2mbps up. It is still “slow” by today’s standards. 



A pure fibre connection all the way into the building, FTTP (“fibre to the premises”) offers the very best speeds available. It can be ordered in most locations and can give you speeds up to 1gb/s, but it is expensive. A cheaper version (“fibre first” FTTP) has now been rolled out in some areas. 


A copper based evolution of FTTC, this is the fastest available product before moving to FTTP. It is only available in some areas. 


Using a router which connects to one of the mobile phone networks can give you a good connection as fast as FTTC or even faster in some locations, although this varies widely and depends on signal strength. It is usually considered a backup rather than the main connection. 


An option typically in remote or rural areas where no fixed line or even 3G mobile network is available. Works well but is a costly install and ongoing. 

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