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About Andrew Lee Dental Practice

Andrew Lee contacted us well in advance of his plans to computerise his large, established practice in Leamington Spa. After considerable research, he chose to incorporate SFD software, combined with support from Dental IT for his hardware systems.

Andrew based his decision on the reputation of Dental IT as a hardware partner, safe in the knowledge that our systems would provide the best platform for a new era in the management of his dental practice.

About Andrew Lee dental

IT Requirements

The practice needed a dedicated server and workstations, but also required two workstations per surgery, in order to provide optimal configurations for both the dentist and nurse to access the network at the same time when required. Although this would offer an excellent setup, our challenge was to tailor a configuration that was cost-effective and made the best use of space. 

With no existing cabling infrastructure, appointments were tracked online with a basic Internet-based, non-clinical appointments system. The practice required monitors or all-in-one PCs to be wall-mounted where possible, and cabling and trunking to be concealed in surgeries throughout the practice.

The results

Fully integrate practice with updated technology systems.

Printers, scanners and a fax machine were incorporated into the network and Internet access was upgraded to a fixed IP range

Entirely separate and secure WIFI network for patient use in the waiting area.

Ensured improved systems not only for dental professionals, but also for patients.

Integrated Solutions

A planned network of wireless access points was created to ensure excellent WIFI coverage, future proofing for digital imaging and an IP telephone system, where required. The introduction of a server cabinet allowed for the housing of cabling patch panels, server firewall, switches and routers. We also mounted a TV panel to the waiting room area and integrated this via HDMI/VGA extensions and into the Freeview aerial.

A combination of HP business all-in-one and ultra slim desktop PCs were added to the workstations, running Windows 7 Pro and Microsoft Office 2013. Windows Small Business Server 2011 was added alongside Exchange 2010 for email and remote access through the RWW (remote web workplace); both with a secure (SSL) certificate. 

We developed profiles for all staff with a full Windows domain, and discussed network storage and security profiles with management, ensuring appropriate levels of access to document shares on the server. Backup systems established to local NAS and Internet-based remote backup provided the practice with optimum security of their systems.

Dental practice IT integrated solutions
Andrew Lee Dental case study

Andrew Lee

Dental Practice

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